3D Bowling Review & Cheats

3D Bowling Review & Cheats

3D Bowling Review & Cheats

If you enjoy bowling and you would like a mobile game for it, than look no further. 3D Bowling is one of, if not the most popular mobile bowling game out on the app stores and the numbers show it! There are ton of bowling balls you can use, a dozen of bowling lanes and there is even a two player mode if you wish to play against your friend. The game has been developed and successfully released by game developer Italy Games. 3D Bowling has been downloaded over a whopping number of one hundred million times with a rating of 4 out of 5 on Google Play Store.

The gameplay of 3D Bowling is pretty simplistic and there is not a lot to learn before you can start playing. Your goal in 3D Bowling is take down as many pins as possible using your bowling ball, just like how you would play regular bowling. You can throw your ball a total of twenty times, twice per turn. Taking down all pins in one throw will get you a Strike, taking down all pins in your second throw will get you a Spare. Throwing Strikes and Spares will get you more points and even award you an extra throw at the end of your run.

Before you start playing 3D Bowling, you are able to select differently themed bowling lanes and corresponding bowling balls. There are seven different bowling lanes with themes such as “Classic Bowling Lane” and “Spooky Bowling Lane” where the bowling balls look like eye balls and evil Halloween pumpkins. After you have selected your bowling lane and your bowling ball, you can tap on the Play Now button, after which you can select if you want to play single player or two players. “Two players” means that you can play with your friend on the same mobile device, to see who the better bowler between you two is.

Another nice feature in 3D Bowling is that you can submit your score to the database, after which you can see how well you have performed against other players around the world. You will see your best score, average score, most strikes, most spares, most gutters, consecutive strikes and consecutive spares. After you click on the submit button, you will be taken to the leaderboards where you can see the scores of other players. You can also manage your profile by changing your picture and username. If you wish, you can even connect with your Facebook and compare scores with your friends only


3D Bowling In-game store

There is no in-game store implemented in 3D Bowling. Every bowling lane and bowling ball is already unlocked and you can play the game to your heart’s desire. There are no lives or energy limits which also means that you can play whenever you want, however long you want.

3D Bowling Cheats & Tips

Unfortunately, there are no cheat tools, hack tools or mods for 3D Bowling, because there is no reason for such programs to exist. Everything in the game is already unlocked and there is no in-game store where you can spend real money, which means that fake cheat websites have no interest in trying to trick people, even though 3D Bowling is very popular on mobile platforms. I can however give you some tips and tricks that can help you with your gameplay.

3D Bowling Gameplay Tips and Tricks

If you are looking to achieve high scores by throwing Strikes and Spares, you should go on the internet and look for 3D Bowling walkthroughs. There are several websites that offer video walkthroughs, teaching you how to align your bowling ball and where to throw it to guarantee a strike. Of course, many of these walkthrough websites are littered with advertisements, so be careful not to accidently click on them.

There are no cheats available 3D Bowling, so it is all about using skill to get a higher score and beat your friends and other players around the world. What you can do however, is aim your bowling ball before you throw it. There is a small white line when you hold your bowling ball over the lane, which is hard to see but you can still use it to aim your bowling ball wherever you want it to go. If you only need to take down a single pin or a small group of pins, you can hold your bowling ball straight in front of them and throw the ball right at them in a straight line.

There is however a way to easily throw strikes. What you need to do is, you need to hold your bar to the far right or left corner of the lane and then throw it into the opposite direction. This makes the ball hit the pins right around the middle and usually takes all the pins down, which results in a strike for you. Sometimes it does not work, but you can almost most definitely throw a spare at the least. When you use this trick successfully, you will surely end up on the top score list of the day and you will even be able to “challenge” your friends to play better because they will see that you are throwing strikes and spares only.


3D Bowling Review

Before I started downloading the game, I was amazed by the amount of times that 3D Bowling was downloaded. The rating is also pretty decent, so it made me thing that I was going to play a game of high quality. I was shocked when I saw that the gameplay was actually really simplistic and there are not many features implemented into the game. The first positive aspect which I noticed, is the fact that you can either play the game alone or with a friend next to you. This way you can see who the better bowler between you two is. There are also seven bowling lanes with different themes and a lot of different bowling balls, which you can use during your gameplay. I really like the fact that there is no locked content in 3D Bowling and there is no in-game store where you need to spend real money in order to keep playing the game. Another very positive aspect about 3D Bowling is that there are no energy bars or lives. You can start the game and play as many matches as you want.

Unfortunately, even though 3D bowling is a simple game, it still has a few negative aspects about it. For starters, the game has a lot of advertisements implemented into it. There are banner ads that always stay either on the top or bottom of your screen and there are pop-up advertisements that show up occasionally. The banner advertisements are not so obstructive, but they can become very annoying when you play 3D Bowling for a while and you keep seeing the advertisements. The pop-up advertisements show up when you start the game up, when you start to play and even when you try to close down the game. This makes it feel like the developers are trying to trick people into tapping on the pop-up ads on accident, so that they can generate an income for themselves.

It is very understandable that the developers want to make money off of their games, especially if they are free-to-play. However, they should not do this in an annoying and obstructive way but rather find better ways to do it. They could, for example, develop a DLC for their game which people could buy for a small cost. 3D bowling has over one hundred million downloads, which means that the game is very popular and I can imagine that people would pay for a DLC.

The second negative aspect about 3D Bowling is the fact that the gameplay feels really cheap. The quality of the games’ graphics and sound effects is really low. If I didn’t see the amount of times it got downloaded and the rating of it, I would think that it is just another one of those bowling games with only a few downloads. The developers should update the game in my opinion. It could lure more players to the game and make them more successful.


3D Bowling Ratings

Artwork: I give 3D Bowling a 6/10 for its artwork. In my opinion, as I have mentioned above, the graphics of 3D Bowling could have been much better than it is right now. The game does not have a tutorial or anything like that, and everything about the graphics and animations is very simplistic. The developers did try to “spice” the gameplay up by adding differently themed bowling lanes and different bowling balls, but it didn’t change a lot for me. Every bowling lane has the same looks, only different colors, same as the bowling balls. Throwing the bowling ball is really unrealistic. It looks like the bowling ball is flying over the lane instead of rolling, and it is going in a very fast pace. The developers should really think about upgrading the graphics.  

Music & SFX: I give 3D Bowling a 5/10 for its music and SFX. Same as the graphics and animations of 3D Bowling, the music and SFX are very simplistic and occasionally do not even work properly. In the settings menu of 3D Bowling, you can change the volume for both the SFX and the Game Music, but during my gameplay I did not hear any game music at all. It has nothing to do with my device because I did hear the sound effects loud and clear, which means that the game music does not even work. There are only two sound effects in 3D Bowling, the first one is when you tap on a menu button and the second one is when you hit some pins with your bowling ball. Even the quality of the pin hitting SFX is very low.

Story & Originality: I give 3D Bowling a 7/10 for its story and originality. There are a ton of bowling games out on the app stores, but none of them has as many downloads as 3D Bowling. This means that the developers of 3D Bowling hit the market pretty well for some reason, because the game has been download over a hundred million times and has an above average rating. There is no story in the game and there are not many features that would make the game original in my opinion. However, there are several different bowling lanes and bowling balls as I have mentioned before. There is also a two player mode, where you can play against someone else on the same mobile device.

General Gameplay: I give 3D Bowling a 6/10 for general gameplay. The beginning of 3D Bowling could be a little confusing for casual mobile games because of the fact that there is no tutorial or guidelines on how to start playing. The user interface is simplistic, just like the rest of the game, which makes it easy to navigate through the game main menus and start up a game. There is no locked content or anything like that, so you can just choose the bowling lane you want to play, choose your bowling ball and start playing. The gameplay is also pretty clunky and very unrealistic.

Addictiveness: I give 3D Bowling an 8/10 for addictiveness. The game has been downloaded a lot of times, which means it is pretty addictive to at least some portion of the players. There are also no energy bars or lives, which means you can play the game whenever you want and however long you want. In my opinion, developers should never implement playtime limitations to its players and just let them play as they want. At least the developers of 3D Bowling managed to make the game very popular and I have no idea how they did it.

All things considered, I give 3D Bowling a 6/10.

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