A 5-year-old girl had a object stuck up her nose for 6 months

A 5-year-old girl had a object stuck up her nose for 6 months

If you're eating right now, stop. Seriously, you've been warned.

Because I'm about to tell you about a little girl named Khloe Russell who had a safety pin stuck up her nose...for six months!

But wait; it gets better! Her mom Katelyn Powell first realized something was wrong when, as she told California's ABC7 Eyewitness News, the 5-year-old's nose wouldn't stop running out of one side. "Green, green, green constantly and it stunk," she said.

Three doctors treated Khloe for a sinus infection, but it failed to respond to antibiotics. A dentist didn't find the source of the snot. A scope up her nostril didn't reveal anything either.

“About six months ago, her nose just started [running] out of this one side,” Khloe’s mother, Katelyn Powell, told ABC 7 Eyewitness News. “Green, green, green constantly and it stunk.”

Three different doctors prescribed Khloe antibiotics for a sinus infection but nothing seemed to stem the flow. Her mom even took her to a dentist, but “nothing,” Powell told ABC 7.

Then a week ago, Powell said her brother told his niece, “Your nose, it’s disgusting. Blow your nose, blow your nose.”


Yep, sweet little Khloe had forgotten she had a safety pin stuck up her nose for six months.


The 1.5-inch safety pin was “huge,” Powell said. “It was bigger than her nose. We were horrified.”


“I was like, ‘Did you put this up there?’ She did, but she forgot to tell me,” Powell said. Khloe then admitted that the pin landed up her nose when she was making a castle of safety pins.

Note to all children: SAFETY PINS ARE NOT TOYS.

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