Adblock Plugin Show Support to Amnesty International

Adblock Plugin Show Support to Amnesty International

We all came to know and love Adblock, and similar other ad-blocking plugins, simply because they allow us to surf the internet without getting bothered by all those pesky and obstructive advertisements. Adblock, which is one of the most popular ad-blocking plugins for your browser, claims to have over fifty million users today.

The developers behind Adblock state that the world is nothing without free speech. The Adblock plugin will still remove all the advertisements, but instead of replacing them with blank and empty spaces, they will be replaced with Amnesty International advertisements.

While it might not seem like a big deal to many people, it does set a precedent, because it means that the developers of the plugin get to decide what is seen as advertising, and what is not. It is nice of them that they want to spread the word, and pressure foreign governments to stop putting restrictions on the internet, and on people’s daily lives, but it also shows that the developers are the ones in charge, and they get to decide what you get to see on the internet, in terms of advertising.

The worst thing about this whole campaign is that the Amnesty International advertisements are very obstructive, simply because they are huge compared to regular advertisements. The company itself had always denounced advertisers that used large banner advertisements, but when it comes to their own agenda, such as the Amnesty International campaign, they do allow them. Adblock is also a company known to whitelist the advertisements of several advertisers, such as Google and Amazon, in return for a huge sum of money, of course.

Adblock CEO Gabriel Cubbage released a statement explaining the reasoning behind their decision to push Amnesty International advertisements. “Right now, there are billions of people whose access to internet content is restricted and monitored by their own governments” is among the things that the Adblock CEO stated. If you would ask me, they should have never given this campaign the green light, and it may just backfire on them.


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