Age of War Review & Cheats

Age of War Review & Cheats

Age of War Review & Cheats

Imagine two battle fronts opposite each other. Your base is on one side, while your enemy’s base is on the other side. Your mission is to train troops, defend your own base by constructing defense systems and take down the enemy base. Yes, this might sound very easy to do, but it is more difficult than you could ever imagine.

 Your own and your enemy’s troops are walking in one straight line, which means that they need to take each other out, before they can even reach their destination. Next to training troops, you can also evolve from the Stone Age to the Middle Ages and even the Future Age.

Age of War has been developed and successfully released by game developer Max Games Studios, and is very popular among strategy game enthusiasts. The game has been downloaded over one million times with a rating an astonishing rating of 4.2 out of 5 on Google Play Store and a 4.5 out of 5 star rating on iOS App Store. Age of War is free to download and play on both Android and iOS devices and does not require an internet connection.

Before you start playing Age of War, you are not required to log in with any kind of social media account, other than a play account, in other to be able to access the achievements in the game. Age of War has two different game modes, which are called Classic and Generals. The goal in both of these game modes is to defend your own base against incoming enemy troops and train troops to attack the enemy base, at the same time.

In the Classic game mode, you can select between the Normal, Harder and Impossible difficulties and start playing the game. The level that you are playing is the same as the one that was released in the browser version of Age of War, which was years ago.

The second game mode is called Generals, in which you can play against ten of the greatest generals of all time. The tactics, units and weapons are different in this game mode, which means that you would have to spend some time to learn about them. However, the Generals game mode is not available for free. In order to gain access to the Generals game mode, you will need to pay $5,99.

There is an achievement system in Age of War, which adds a challenge to the game. The achievements range from anything between finishing a level on a certain difficulty to killing a certain amount of troops. Completing achievements do not give you anything special such as in-game currencies or power-ups, but you will be able to show them off to your friends.

Age of War In-game store

There is only one kind of currency in Age of War, which is the form of gold coins. At the beginning of every level, you have a small amount of gold coins, which you can use to train several troops and send them out to the enemy base. You can also use gold coins to upgrade your guard tower, which allows you to construct more cannons and other defense systems.

It is very important to pay attention to the amount of gold coins that you still have, due to the fact that you will need them in order to defend your own base from incoming enemy troops. You can easily earn gold coins by killing enemy troops. The higher tier the enemy troops are that you kill, the more gold coins you will earn.

Unfortunately, you cannot purchase gold coins in the in-game store, but there are three different items that you can purchase, in order to enhance Age of War. The first item in the in-game store is called Generals, which allows you to play against ten of the greatest generals of all time. Each general has their own unique tactics and strategies. The developers of Age of War claim that by purchasing the Generals expansion pack, you will be hooked to the game for days. You can purchase the Generals expansion pack for $5,99.

The second item in the in-game store is called Hacked Mode, which gives you an infinite amount of gold coins, no build time and instant age upgrades. The Hacked Mode also costs $5,99. The third item in the in-game store is the Glorious Morning II Soundtrack, which unlocks the extended version of the Glorious Morning soundtrack by Waterflame. The Glorious Morning II Soundtrack costs $0,99.

Age of War Cheats & Tips

Because of the fact that Age of War does not have purchasable in-game currencies or power-ups and boosters, there are not many websites that offer cheat tools for the game. This is due to the fact that not a lot of people will look for cheats for Age of War, and the owners of the cheat tool websites know this. They do not want to waste their time to advertise cheat tools for games that are not that popular, or do not have any purchasable currencies or items.

By saying this, I am trying to say that websites that offer cheat tools, hack tools or modifications for popular mobile games are scams, purely designed to lure unknowing people and make them fill in surveys. The owners of such websites know very well that a lot of people are looking for working cheat tools, and they will almost do anything to get their hands on them. Before you are able to download the so called cheat tool, you need to fill in a survey, which generates an income for the owners of the fake cheat tool websites.

Once you have filled in a survey and downloaded the so called cheat tool, you will quickly find out that you have been scammed, and that the files you have just downloaded are nothing but empty text documents and images. It could be worse though, because it may very well be that you have just downloaded a nasty virus or keylogger onto your computer. Instead of wasting your time trying to find working cheats for Age of War, I will give you some tips and tricks that will help you with your gameplay.

Age of War Gameplay Tips and Tricks

The developers of Age of War have implemented a lot of very annoying and obstructive advertisements into the game. The advertisements come in the form of videos, which you cannot skip. The developers do not give you an option to remove the advertisements in Age of War, not even by paying money for it. Luckily, I know a little trick that you can use to remove all the advertisements in Age of War, without having to pay a single penny for it.

Before you start using this trick, you need to make sure that Age of War is completed closed down and not running in the background. Once you have made sure of that, you need to proceed by turning on Airplane Mode on your mobile device. By turning on Airplane Mode, your mobile device will be disconnected from any active internet connection.

When you start Age of War now, you will notice that there are no more advertisements, due to the fact that the game needs an active internet connection in order to push advertisements onto your mobile device. Once you are done playing Age of War, you can turn Airplane Mode off and use your mobile device as you have been before.

In order to easily earn gold coins in Age of War, you should collect enough cold coins until you are able to upgrade your watch tower to level four. After that, you will be able to purchase four different turrets, which will automatically fire on enemy troops. Your turrets will easily kill all enemy troops without you having to spend any more money. After a certain amount of time, you will have collected enough gold coins, allowing you to upgrade and take down your enemy.

Age of War Review

Before I started playing Age of War, I already heard about it and played the browser version of it. The Age of War browser version is a flash game, which was released years ago. I was pretty surprised to see Age of War as a mobile game, but I could definitely understand that the developers released it because of its popularity. In the past, I really enjoyed playing the game, so I was definitely looking forward to try the mobile version out. A positive aspect about Age of War is that the mobile version features the same level and characters as the browser version.

Another positive aspect about Age of War is that you do not need to log in with any kind of social media account. This means that you can just launch the game and start playing. I really like the fact that the game also does have no playtime limitations, which means that you can play the game whenever you want, however long you want.

Age of War is a pretty fun and balanced game to place, but unfortunately, it also has several negative aspects. For starters, the developers of Age of War have implemented a lot of advertisements into the game. The advertisements come in the form of videos, which show up at random times. You are not able to skip those videos, which means that you need to waste anywhere between fifteen to thirty seconds of your time, in order to be able to continue playing Age of War. It feels like the developers of Age of War are trying to trick people and make them accidently tap on the video advertisements.

The worst part about the video advertisements in Age of War is that if you accidently do tap on of them, your game will minimalized itself and your browser will start up, redirecting you to the website of the advertiser. I can guarantee that no one is waiting to be annoyed and obstructed in such a way, especially by a free-to-play game. In my opinion, the developers should have given the option to remove the advertisements in the game, even if it meant that you had to pay some money for it.

The second negative aspect about Age of War is that the gameplay is pretty linear, which means that you get bored very quickly. Of course, you could purchase two expansions in the in-game store to make the gameplay more entertaining, but those expansions cost $5,99 each. I find these prices to be very absurd, especially considering that Age of War is simplistic.

I don’t see anyone spending $5,99 per expansion pack, just to get a couple of hours more gameplay out of the a game. Perhaps the developers should implement a reward system into the game, allowing players to earn the expansions for free. The developers could also implement different levels and a multiplayer game mode for free, in order to attract more players. A multiplayer game mode would be very nice, because it would allow you to battle against random players around the world, which is more fun than battling against the computer.

Age of War Ratings

Artwork: I give Age of War a 7/10 for its artwork. The graphics and animations in Age of War are pretty simplistic, much like every other aspect of the game. Even though the graphics and animations are pretty simplistic, it seems like the developers were able to make it work. The graphics look like something out of a very old flash game, which Age of War basically is anyways. The animations vary from your characters performing basic movements and small blood splatters. I like the fact that there are different ages in the game, which also means that there are different bases, environments, characters and weapons.

Music & SFX: I give Age of War a 7/10 for its music and SFX. There is only one soundtrack and several small sound effects in Age of War, which are also pretty simplistic, just like the graphics and animations of the game. The soundtrack starts whenever you start playing the game and keeps playing in the background over and over again. The sound effects vary from lasers being shot from your weapons and your characters attacking each other. Even though the soundtrack and sound effects are pretty simplistic, the developers did do a great job at combining both the graphics and animations with the soundtrack and sound effects of the game.

Story & Originality: I give Age of War an 8/10 for its story and originality. I have played many mobile games over the years, but I have never played a game like Age of War before. I already knew that there was a browser version of Age of War, which I played before. I was surprised to see that the developers decided to release the game on mobile platforms as well, but it seems like that people are very interested in playing it. The game has several features which I have never seen before, even if the gameplay is pretty simplistic. There is no story behind the game; however, a game like Age of War does not really need one.

General Gameplay: I give Age of War an 8/10 for general gameplay. There is no tutorial at the beginning of Age of War, but a game like this does not need one anyways. It is very easy to figure out what you are supposed to do and how you are supposed to play the game. I really like the fact that you have three different difficulty levels, allowing you to challenge yourself. There is also an achievement system in place, which simply makes the gameplay more challenging. The controls in Age of War are smooth and responsive, and tapping on the screen works well. The user interface is basic but fits the theme of the game, allowing you to navigate with ease.

Addictiveness: I give Age of War a 7/10 for addictiveness. Age of War is a very entertaining game, and if I can be honest, I was pretty much hooked up when I first started playing it. However, soon after playing the game for a while, the gameplay becomes pretty straightforward and to be honest, it also becomes pretty boring. You can purchase and unlock the expansion pack, but this costs $5,99. I do not know many people who willingly would spend six dollars on a free-to-play mobile game, especially one that is pretty simplistic as Age of War. I also dislike the fact that the game has so many advertisements implemented in it. The advertisements come in the form of videos, which you can’t even skip. This is simply too obstructive and very annoying, and makes the game feel like a cheap cash grab.

All things considered, I give Age of War a 7/10.

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