Battle Towers Review & Cheats

Battle Towers Review & Cheats

Battle Towers Review & Cheats

Do you like playing strategy games with a passion, planning out attacks and setting up defenses? Mash together a not so generic tower defense game with World of Warcraft and you will get Battle Towers. Developer Game Insight has successfully released Battle Towers and the figures shows it! This game has been downloaded over one million times with a rating of 4.2 out of 5 on Google Play Store and a 4.5 star rating on iOS App Store and the numbers are still climbing.

In Battle Towers, you either play as the Order, which are humans or as the Chaos, which are the orcs. Your mission for both of these groups is to successfully defend your base against enemies which will try to attack it, and after that launch an offensive and try to destroy your enemy’s base. Completing levels will earn you gold coins and diamonds which you need to use to upgrade your base and troops. There is also a multiplayer mode in Battle Towers where you can either duel your friends or join a global game where you will be matched with a random player and you battle that person and see who is the mightiest between you two.

Before you start playing a level, you will see an overview of the objectives you need to complete during that level. There are three difficulty levels you can set to a level, and the higher the level, the more objectives you need to complete. Because you have more objectives to complete at higher difficulties, you will also get a better reward. Your reward will consist of gold coins and diamonds, though you will get much more gold coins than diamonds. You can use these to upgrade your buildings and troops which will make you more powerful and destructive against your enemies. Upgrading buildings will give you an advantage because it will be harder for the enemy to destroy them. Next to defensive upgrades, you also have offensive upgrades. For example, you can upgrade your guard towers’ cannon, which gives it more hit power and you will be able to damage the enemy even more. There are high tier troops you can unlock but these cost a lot of diamonds so you will need to grind a while in order to be able to unlock them.

In Battle Towers, there is a world map which shows you the path to every next level. To progress in the game, you need to successfully complete the objectives in the current level that you are in, and then the next level will be unlocked for you. You gain a star for every level you have completed, so in total you can earn two hundred stars because there are a total of two hundred levels in Battle Towers.

If you are looking to grind for some more gold coins, you can always try to complete achievements in Battle Towers. Completing achievements rewards you with a lot of gold coins and sometimes even diamonds, although those are harder to complete. There is also another way to get gold coins which is to get daily rewards by playing Battle Towers every day. The value of these rewards goes up, the more you play the game. Your first reward will be in the amount of 5000 gold coins and the second day it will be double that amount etc. These rewards can give you a nice boost during your gameplay.

Battle Towers In-game store

In Battle Towers you have two types of currencies. There are gold coins, which is your basic currency but there are also diamonds, which is the premium currency in Battle Towers. Collecting gold coins is much easier than collecting diamonds. The way you do this is by completing levels and the harder you set the difficulty of said level, the better your reward will be at the end of it.

Prices for gold coins vary from $1,99 for the smallest package of 33.000 gold coins up till $99,99 for the largest package of 2.000.000 gold coins. The prices for diamonds vary from $1,99 for the smallest package of 40 diamonds up till $99,99 for the largest package of 2400 diamonds.

You can earn free gold coins and diamonds by logging in with your social media accounts. If you log in with your Facebook account, you will receive 20.000 gold coins and 20 diamonds. If you log in with your twitter account, you will receive 10.000 gold coins and 10 diamonds. These rewards can give you a nice boost and you also gain authorization to post on your social media through Battle Towers. This way you can post about your score and show off to your friends.

Battle Towers Cheats & Tips

When I searched on Google for cheats and hacks for Battle Towers, I came across a dozens of websites which claimed they had working cheats for the game. Some of these websites even had videos that show you how the cheats work. A funny thing about those videos is that they are edited in such a way that you can tell they left out parts where you actually have to download and install the cheat program and how the cheat actually adds gold and diamonds to your game etc.

I went ahead and downloaded one of those cheat programs for the sake of this review. Once you click on the download button, you get forwarded to a download website which requires you to fill in a survey before you can even download the cheat program. Once you have filled in the survey, your download will start and soon you will find out that the cheat program does not work. It will tell you to connect your phone because it cannot detect your device. Either you are lucky that the program is fake, or unlucky because you could have also downloaded a nasty virus onto your computer. Instead of trying to find cheats for Battle Towers, you should follow the next set of tips to be better at playing it.

Battle Towers Gameplay Tips

When you are starting a new level, it is always tempting to put up defenses first. There are a wide variety of towers available once you unlock them. Some have better range, others have better damage. You need to find out what works best for you and not overspend on just your defenses because if you are overrun, you won’t have enough food to recruit new troops. The best way to go is to mix it up a bit. Arrow towers have a high range of attack and can be more effective against lower tier troops, while more expensive towers are good against stopping high tier enemies. Make sure the towers you put down are in range of the enemies passing it by. If the towers are too far off, then they are useless because they won’t be able to attack.

Make sure to check the top of your screen while you are playing Battle Towers. The top of your screen will show icons with useful information in them. You will see the amount of faith you have, which is the primary resource for temporary spells, the amount of food which is the main resource for purchasing warriors and buildings, the amount of troops you have, your objectives, time of day and an attack button which sends your troops over to the enemy base. The enemies attack at night because they are stronger at night. You will need to save your resources and build defenses before they attack. After their attack has failed, you can train your troops and send them over to their base for an offensive strike.  It is important that you look through the information available to you and attack when you think you are ready.

Battle Towers Review

Your start of Battle Towers with a nicely build tutorial which shows and teaches you the basics of the game. I think this is a nice touch for a game like this because it can get very complicated for casual mobile gamers due to the many options in the game. After you have completed the tutorial, you will occasionally still be helped with text bubbles explaining what your next course of action should be. Once you have learned the basics, you will be left alone and you can start playing as you wish.

After you have learned the basics of Battle Towers, the game becomes pretty straightforward. You start a level and you need to crush the enemy base while also defending your own base. There are tactics which you need to apply and be careful to use your resources wisely. It’s nice to have difficulty levels because casual players might not want to play hard games and hardcore gamers might find the easy setting way too easy.

The first thing that I noticed about Battle Towers is that there are no ads in the game. You won’t face an ad pop-up all of a sudden and accidently click on it, like it happens in so many other free-to-play games. This can be very obstructive and turn you off from the game itself. Luckily for us, Battle Towers is ad-free.

Second thing I noticed was that you are not limited by things such as lives or energy bars that need much time to replenish. You can just start playing and keep playing without having to stop at all. I think this is one of the most positive aspects you can expect from a free-to-play game because it adds to the level of addictiveness.

The only negative aspect about Battle Towers is that in late-game it becomes way too expensive to upgrade your buildings and troops. If you have patience, this is really no big deal because you can grind levels over and over again until you have enough gold coins and diamonds. But if you do not have patience, you either need to spend real money on in-game currency or you just can’t progress in the game anymore. While there are ways to earn in-game currency for free, such as connecting with your Facebook and Twitter, but not everyone feel like sharing their personal information with games and apps.

Battle Towers Ratings

Artwork: I give Battle Towers an 8/10 for its artwork. Just by the looks of the game, you can tell that the developers spend a lot of time on it. Everything from the main menu to the world map and characters are very detailed. The graphics during the gameplay itself is of high quality and the animations are amazing. The map itself looks lively and the animations that go with it really fit well together. All in all, everything about Battle Towers’ graphics works well together.

Music & SFX: I give Battle Towers an 8/10 for its music and SFX. The soundtracks used in the game fit very well with the theme. It kind of reminds me of the soundtracks you hear in World of Warcraft or Warcraft 3 for example. The soundtrack excites the player and makes you focus more on the gameplay. Next to having good soundtracks, the game also features many sound effects which go along well together. Every SFX, from the grunt of your soldiers, to the demolishing of buildings is perfectly balanced and easy on the ears.

Story & Originality: I give Battle Towers an 8/10 for its story and originality. While it is likely that there are more games such as Battle Towers out on the app stores, this game still managed to keep it original. The mix between building up your own base, defending your towers and being able to attack your enemies makes Battle Towers a great game. During the tutorial you will see what the story behind the game is all about which gives it a nice touch.

General Gameplay: I give Battle Towers an 8/10 for general gameplay. The game starts with a small tutorial which teaches you the basics of the game. The game plays very smoothly once you get the hang of it. After you have played a few levels, the game gets straightforward but it is still filled with lots of new objectives to complete. There are many aspects to explore and the fact that you can play both as humans and orcs just adds massively to the game. But it doesn’t stop there, you can also play against your friends or random people around the world.

Addictiveness: I give Battle Towers an 8/10 for addictiveness. The fact that you do not get limited by lives or energy bars means that you are not being forced to wait. This way you can just keep playing over and over again as much as you want without being limited by negative factors such as waiting times. There are also many options to explore which makes you come back to Battle Towers even more. If you are tired of playing on your own, you can also multiplayer, either against your friends or against other players.

All things considered, I give Battle Towers an 8/10.

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