Chuck E. Cheese’s in Lexington Closes its Doors

Chuck E. Cheese’s in Lexington Closes its Doors

Chuck E. Cheese’s is the pinnacle of fast-food restaurants specifically aimed at kids in the United States of America. In fact, their slogan even says “Where A Kid Can Be A Kid”, but it was a different story in one of the Chuck E. Cheese’s in Lexington. According to a corporate spokeswoman, the Chuck E. Cheese’s in Lexington had to close early because the manager of that establishment went rogue. According to numerous sources, things got out of hand very quickly, and the police had to be called to the scene.

This entire ordeal started when the manager decided to close down the establishment early, because there were just too many kids to handle by the staff.

The police stated that they were called at around 6 P.M. after someone reported a “large disorder” at the Chuck E. Cheese on Easy New Circle Road in the Woodhill shopping center.

Once the police arrived on scene, they found a couple of Chuck E. Cheese’s employees and parents on the parking lot of the Woodhill shopping center in Lexington. The police quickly found out that the disturbance had nothing to do with physical fighting, but was rather of a verbal nature. It is not yet understandable what the employees really expected, because when many active children come together in a tight environment, things will easily get out of hand.

The general manager of the Lexington Chuck E. Cheese’s establishment was not present that night, because she had to tend to her daughter, who had sustained a broken arm. The manager that filled in for said that she could not deal with the amount of children, and that she was not feeling too well. The manager then proceeded by telling everyone to leave, closed the doors and left a note on the door stating “Temporarily closed will open ASAP. Thank you”.

Naturally, the parents were not happy with the staff closing down the shop early. They claimed that the Chuck E. Cheese’s staff at that establishment were really unexperienced, and that they were not able to handle that many kids at once.

According to the Chuck E. Cheese’s corporate spokeswoman, the rogue manager is currently under investigation. She also states that closing the doors early gave Chuck E. Cheese’s a negative image, especially because the establishment is aimed at kids. She says that several of the parents were really angry and demanded a refund, and that at least one of the kids had his birthday party cancelled because of these events.

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