McDonalds in South Korea is serving McBeer now

McDonalds in South Korea is serving McBeer now

According to Korea’s Maeil Business News report, McDonald’s in South Korea already started to sell beer. For the first time in Asia you’ll be able to order beer at McDonalds in Seongnam, Gyeonggi Province, South Korea. When you don’t want to drink Coke in the meal package, just add on some money to change Coke into McBeer.

Although it has been a long time since in France’s McDonald’s you can get Heineken and in KFC’s Ireland iced coffees you can add a tablespoon of whiskey, but in Asian markets, this is the first time McDonald’s to sell alcoholic beverages. But only one Premium Burgers to get one glass of beer.

Meanwhile in the United States and other countries, people under the legal drinking age is not allowed from entering alcoholic drinking area. Korea’s legal drinking age is 19 years old, so young people wishes to enjoy McBeer also may be asked to show their ID card.

Korea is one of the highest per capital alcohol consumption in Asia, with average daily intake of pure alcohol 54.9 g. Will fast food restaurants selling beer attracting you to visit it?

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