Stripper Refuses Sex, Customer Calls Cops to Arrest Her

Stripper Refuses Sex, Customer Calls Cops to Arrest Her

Some strip clubs have a strict no-touch policy, while other strip clubs allow you to pay the girls a little extra, in order to receive a little “extra”. Living Dolls Strip Club in Key West, Florida is one of those strip clubs where you can get more than a private dance, if you have the money for it. John L. Ciardi, who is a 62-year-old retired Massachusetts lawyer, claims that he was scammed by a stripper, who then refused to have sex with him in the backroom.

John L. Ciardi stated that he had paid a stripper named Marianny Benitez a hundred dollars for a private dance, and gave her an additional two hundred dollars for a little extra something in the backroom. The stripper took John L. Ciardi’s money, but refused to have sex with him in the backroom. She also refused to give him his money back.

According to multiple sources, John L. Ciardi became aggressive and called the police in Key West, Florida, in order to get Marianny Benitez arrested. The weird part is that, according to the stripper, she never agreed to have sex with John L. Ciardi, and that she was threatened by him. The manager of Living Dolls Strip Club, Marisa Hernandez, states that John L. Ciardi pointed a can of pepper spray on her, threatening to use the spray and/or destroy the club if he doesn’t get what he has paid for, or if he doesn’t receive his money back.

After the Key West police refused to arrest Marianny Benitez, John L. Ciardi “become enraged and began using vulgar language towards the police and strippers” Both Marisa Hernandez and Marianny Benitez decided to not press charges against John L. Ciardi; however, he told them that he would surely return to the Living Dolls Strip Club and make a citizen’s arrest when he gets the chance. The Key West officers warned John L. Ciardi that if he did return to the strip club and cause problems, that he would get arrested.

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