Two Daycare Teachers Running “Baby Fight Club” Found Guilty

Two Daycare Teachers Running “Baby Fight Club” Found Guilty

Daycare Teacher Kierra Spriggs and Sarah Jordan thought it would be a good idea to pit toddlers against each other in what they would like to call the “baby fight club”, until one day they get caught by several parents that questioned them about the bruises that their children sustained during their stay at the daycare.

One of those parents is Adam Smith, whose daughter was abused and pitted against other children, expressed his anger and confusion as to why teachers of a daycare would think that it is a good idea to pit children against each other.

After the initial complaints, both Kierra Spriggs and Sarah Jordan were taken into custody. The authorities questioned them, in order to find out what was going on in their minds when they started the “baby fight club”. After nearly three weeks of questioning and testimony, both teachers finally admitted that they enjoyed tormenting and abusing the children.

Back in January, Sarah Jordan, who is the lead teacher of the daycare, was already convicted of running the “baby fight club” and abusing children. On March 3, Kierra Spriggs, a twenty-six-year-old teacher was found guilty on two misdemeanor counts of assault and battery, and four felony counts of child cruelty. Both Sarah Jordan and Kierra Spriggs are currently jailed, awaiting their sentencing in May. It is expected that they both face a penalty of three years in prison.

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