Unlucky Man Wins $7, While His Brother Wins $291 Million in Lottery

Unlucky Man Wins $7, While His Brother Wins $291 Million in Lottery

Imagine entering the Powerball lottery with your siblings, wishing each other good luck and hoping that you all win something, even if it is a small prize. Now imagine that you and all of your siblings actually win! Even though this sounds quite improbable, it actually did happen at the latest Powerball drawing.

Pennsylvania judge James Stocklas was in the Florida Keys, where he was fishing and enjoying his vacation. At the end of his vacation, James Stocklas, and his brother, Bob Stocklas decided that they should try their luck at the upcoming Powerball lottery. They both purchased a ticket, and wished each other good luck, just like any sibling would do.

When James Stocklas returned to work, he decided that he would have a quick bite to eat at the restaurant that he visits daily. He realized that he still needed to check if he won anything in the latest Powerball drawing, and while he was checking the numbers on his phone, he found out that he just won nearly three hundred million dollars. In his joy, he called up his brother to find out what he had won, which was a mere seven dollars.  

The Florida lottery noticed that both James Stocklas and Bob Stocklas had won something, and as a gag, they decided to give them both a full-size winner’s check, even if Bob Stocklas only won seven dollars in total.

According to the Florida Lottery, James Stocklas decided to take the lump sum payment of nearly two hundred million dollars after taxes. According to several sources, James Stocklas took his family and went back to Florida for an extended celebration and vacation.

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